5 Tips about 150 mm Wafer Probing Systems You Can Use Today

With considerable expansion of emerging THz programs, including large-speed 5G conversation, satellites, non-invasive spectroscopy, safety and surveillance, healthcare and health treatment machines, and small assortment automotive radar, the necessity for precise, dependable and repeatable measurement details is becoming more important than ever before. This is often especially true with the analysis and technological know-how advancement of your units, built-in circuits and new item making blocks serving the necessity of these THz apps.

The MPI TS150-THZ is the first, around the world 150 mm devoted probe station intended explicitly for mmW and THz on-wafer measurements up to 1.five THz and further than. It provides unsurpassed functions:

Seamless integration of any banded, differential or broadband frequency extenders as much as 1.5 THz
Utmost on mechanical steadiness and repeatability combined with hassle-free and basic safety Procedure
Reducing the measurement route for absolute best measurement directivity.

Air-Bearing Phase
The MPI distinctive air-bearing stage layout, with very simple one-handed puck Manage, gives unsurpassed advantage of Procedure for rapid XY navigation and brief wafer loading without compromising precise and wonderful positioning ability with the extra high-quality and precise twenty five×twenty five mm XY-Theta micrometer motion.

Initially-to-sector three-Port Ability
All set for that D-Band and 6G technological know-how with RF/LO frequency protection to one hundred seventy GHz and further than.

As to start with that you can buy, MPI’s TS150-THZ permits, three-port mmW characterization of e.g., broadband sub-harmonic mixer by tests of two-sided coupling Strength of mmW and local oscillation (LO) indicators simultaneously.

MPI provides an easy upgrade route for the present TS150-THZ techniques too.

Distinctive Platen Lift
with Probe Hover Command™

The remarkably repeatable (1 µm) platen lift style with three discrete positions for Call, separation (three hundred µm), and loading (3 mm) with a safety lock utility are all samples of unparalleled more info performance incorporated into MPI TS150-THZ guide probe program. These attributes reduce unpredicted probe or wafer injury while furnishing intuitive Management, accurate contact positioning, and basic safety set-up. This ability is especially significant if probes in mmW and sub-THz assortment are so cost intense.

Further Probe Hover Command™ includes hover heights (fifty, 100 or a hundred and fifty µm) for simple and effortless probe to pad alignment

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